We want to introduce you to our President Gemma Rubio

Actualizado: 11 mar 2021

We want to introduce you to our President and Co-founder Gemma, who is very pleased to introduce herself :D

Hello, Hello! I am Gemma, a Valencian living in The Netherlands. I’m in love with the good things both countries bring. I love to travel and learn from different cultures and ways of living. Moreover, I am passionate about photography. I am a very positive person and I love to have fun at work, in my free time and at any time :D.

Marketing and communications are my jobs and my passion. I help companies and entrepreneurs to create a better way of communicating and an online strategy, I enjoy my work a lot!

I have always been eager to help the underprivileged, no matter where they come from or their personal characteristics. What really matters to me is that they are good people that are eager to learn and improve. For me, attitude is the most important!

Involved with several international associations that promote diversity and inclusion, helping in different ways. I love to see how all of them contribute to achieving a better world for all.

We created Together is Better after a conversation with Edu, our Cofounder, who is a brilliant person in many ways and has motivated me to create this movement. We agree that it is possible to create a more fair and better world. So, why not start at ourselves? For me, it is important to give support to entrepreneurial people with wonderful ideas and projects that need “the last push” to overcome the boundaries that they find in the way. In the end, Together is Better!

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