Let's celebrate women

Actualizado: 11 mar 2021

Women, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, aunts, nieces ... The 8th of March is your day! It’s a day to evoke the role and dignity of women. A day to recover the struggle of women for equality and the recognition of their rights. It is a day to wake up the world and mark the value of women in all areas of life. A special day that we cannot stop remembering by your side because good things it’s always better to enjoy together.

From Together is Better we give our full support to equality as it is one of the essential values ​​for progress in society. Let's think about equality and build with intelligence.

Every day it’s more necessary to recognize that women should have the same rights as men at home and at work. But unity means strength and everything can be achieved. Together is better!

You may know that Women's Day and its origin are related to a series of historical events, some of them with positive implications, but others have a less fortunate history. This is a reality that can be the beginning for a better future in which we all get involved.

We want to remember that this day is celebrated in many countries as part of a century of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development. That is why we all have so much to contribute, even if it’s only with our attitude, with our words, with responsibility, with our posts… Because we are all a reflection of what we think and feel. We just need to realize it and each one can find the way to express it.

Let us also remember that the road that separates women from real equality in daily life is long, but we have examples of women who marked and changed history, believing that you can combat everything that bothers you and that the best way to achieve it is unity!

Although many people have the habit of giving flowers, let's agree that the objective of the celebration of this date is to raise awareness about the conditions of women around the world.

One of our objectives is to promote actions and projects that improve and give visibility to how women are working every day to improve their situation, to entrepreneurs or to those who have not yet decided to take the last step to form their company, but that have a lot of potential and to other initiatives whose main objective is the condition of women. We also strive to bridge the gap between men and women, generating gender equality. All this because we are convinced that if we all work together much more can be achieved!

Women have reached management positions in large companies, fill university classrooms, give master classes, are financially independent, are present in the army, there are even women in general positions, and above all and most importantly, the decision about how they want to live is their decision. This is the best day to evoke all this!

We know that equality between men and women is a matter of human rights, because it implies that girls and boys enjoy things without any type of discrimination. But among all there are no barriers that resist us. Because together we can make possible the change we want to see in the world!

Millions of girls around the world deserve much more than books. They deserve schools with good teachers and facilities, spaces for participation, access to health services, to be protected, to be able to have effective communication ... They deserve, after all, their rights to be respected. And it is not a minor matter because it depends on it that our world advances. However, with motivation and perseverance, everything can be achieved.

So now you know, any reason is enough to celebrate this day when women were recognized for equality and got admired for all their achievements. It is crucial to ensure that the pandemic does not turn back the clock on women's progress towards equality.

Let's enjoy remembering this day today, tomorrow and forever!

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