Know us a little more. We present you our main objectives

It all started during an informal conversation about how many associations are doing a wonderful job so we all can live in a more inclusive and diverse world. These associations are making a lot of progress, but they are doing it separately and we think that by joining forces, we can achieve much more, because Together is Better. For this reason, we decided to form the Together Is Better association and start working together: men and women of all kinds, promoting collaborations with companies and other associations.

Our main objective is to support women and also minorities. Bringing distances between men and women generating gender equality, supporting entrepreneurs and women who have not yet decided to take the last step to form their company, but who have a lot of potential. We work to promote a more equitable culture. Always without losing sight of factors such as age, race, religion, sexual orientation or origin.

We want to see a world in which nobody is marginalized because of their differences, since everyone, absolutely everyone, is different in one way or another.

We are working to promote an equitable, varied and inclusive culture, in which no one feels excluded or stops believing in his/her abilities. We do it by offering and sharing knowledge.

We work with companies, associations and people who share our values, since by working together, we get even closer to our objectives: add together, be more equitable, diverse and inclusive. We create agreements and collaborations, always keeping in mind that this favors our partners.

If you want to join our movement and keep up to date with everything, join us! Contact, connect and stay informed of each step we are taking.

Training is a very important topic in our association. It is essential to know and train to be able to move forward, therefore, from March we begin with our first webinar series on our new YouTube channel! The series is "With our feet on the ground" Where topics such as: Removing the barriers that we create ourselves, neurofinance and many more things will be discussed! This series will be broadcast live every last Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (CET)

We will announce more shortly, do not miss it!

If you feel identified, you want to grow, share and participate in the creation of a more equitable and inclusive world, join us! We will be delighted to work with you. If you are an association and would like to join forces, do not hesitate, contact us and we will talk!

Together we can achieve great things, eliminating all the barriers that arise along the way.

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