Happy to introduce you to our Marketing manager Cristina

Actualizado: 11 mar 2021

Continuing our introductions, today we would like you to meet our and Co-founder Cristina and marketing manager, who is very pleased to introduce herself

Hello, a pleasure to say hi.

I am Valencian, Spanish and a citizen of the world.

Publicist with a marketing training heart, passionate about communication and above all about creating a work harmony from horizontal communication, fundamental to create, I motivate and foster solid teams in companies. I faithfully believe in active collaboration with ethics and honesty. I believe in synergies and I bet on them from transparency, together is better, ALWAYS !!

I am passionate about music, the soundtrack of my life, I can't imagine the world without music. It transports me, it excites me, it motivates me!!! Also in love with classic cinema, Gary Cooper being my favorite actor and “How beautiful is living”, one of the movies that are part of my film library. It´s wonderful!!

Another of my great passions is Santiago`s path (Camino de Santiago). I recommend at least once in your life to live it. The path has its magic ...

Ring, ring, the phone rings, on the other side is my great friend @Gemma Rubio. Many of you already know her, she is constant, committed and a person with heart and soul. After telling me if he wanted to participate and be part of this great family that is Together is better, what Martin Luther King said came to mind “I have a dream”, that dream has become real. Impossible to say NO.

Despite the barriers, the inconveniences, the difficulties, together is better, we are on the way and today more than ever we have the opportunity to achieve a more diverse, more equitable, more inclusive world. This is no longer a dream, it is reality.

My commitment has always been trying to promote a better world, to help, collaborate and give visibility and voice to the most disadvantaged groups. Together it is possible.

Starting today I invite you to join the change, Together is better !!!

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