Happy to introduce you to Miriam

Actualizado: 11 mar 2021

We continue with the presentations. Today we will introduce you to the member of the team responsible and in charge of the following of our ambassadors.

Hi! I am Miriam!

Currently I work as a Salesforce Developer in Izertis.

My path in the TIC area started 2 years ago after more than seven years dedicated to the care of my family.

I am a mom of 4 wonderful kids. When they grew up I decided to give a turn to my professional life. I studied Tourism and I realized that working in that industry again was impossible, so I decided to take an intensive course of two months as a Java developer. After finishing the course I found a job. I haven't stopped studying and learning new things since then. For example AI, Big data, Marketing Cloud in Salesforce etc. I also did a Master in Coaching and Mentoring.

I like to help people that want to reinvent themselves, and I am always sharing information about education to help them in the process and also to motivate them.

Currently, I am a member of several associations of Women and Technologies. This is how I met Gemma. When she spoke to me about this project, I found it very complete and sincere. It was aligned with my principles, so I loved the idea of becoming part of it. I fully believe that #TogetherIsBetter.

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