Happy to introduce you to Francisco Iniesto

Actualizado: 11 mar 2021

This week we want to introduce you to our founding partner Francisco Iniesto, who is delighted to share some words so you can get to know him.

Hello everyone! I am delighted to greet you. I have been a passionate tax consultant for twenty years. Since the beginning of my career, I have had an entrepreneurial mindset because I was certain that I had two goals: (i) being very good technically, and (ii) having clients. Following these goals would allow me to reach the partnership of an office.

When I was 37 I reached my goal of becoming a partner at a law firm. At this moment I decided to go out of the comfort zone of my previous job (a good and fixed salary) to face the challenge of becoming a partner of a law firm. I created, developed, and led the fiscal and tax law department, which didn’t exist before then in that firm. That experience was a real leap into the void, but with hard work and self-confidence, I could open the parachute on time and now share it as an anecdote that defined who I am now.

Currently, I am a partner of a prestigious law firm, Vaciero, S.L.P (I am proud to share that we have been selected as one of the offices designated to advise the “CDTI”, Ministry of Industry). Moreover, I lead the finance department of the law firm.

I joined Together is Better because I believe in people. One day Gemma shared the project with me. She did it with the same naturality, motivation, and trust that she transmits in everything she does. I agreed on the challenge right away. I think it is a very exciting project focused on people. I have always been a precursor of the phrase “United, we are stronger". Therefore Together is Better is part of the same principle that I follow in my own life.

Companies are made by people, so I cannot imagine a fulfilled life without being surrounded by people: together, contributing, and focused toward a life attitude which is the path to happiness. All this is Together is Better. Am I a romantic of life? Maybe I am, but with clear principles that I follow to reach goals.

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