Happy to introduce you to Cornelia

Actualizado: 11 mar 2021

We continue with the presentations. Today we will introduce you our Community Manager.

Hi! I am Cornelia!

Hi, I'm Cornelia but my friends and family call me Cony. I am Romanian, but I have been living in Spain for almost 10 years. Since I was a little girl I loved reading and learning foreign languages. I studied English Philology and I never stopped learning and looking for ways to help others and improve who I am, things that I´m still doing. :)

I like to undertake risks and do things on my own, so I made digital marketing my way of life. I have a technology project that has helped me work my skills with social media and this year I launched as a freelance for creating content and as an inbound marketing specialist.

I've always been fascinated by filling a blank sheet of paper, so now I fill pages, blogs, and social media through content marketing, creative writing and SEO.

I work both in English and Spanish. I love what I do and besides I spend time with my family, I love traveling, reading and staying out in nature.

Open and decisive, I am always looking for new projects in which I can involve myself or contribute. So when Gemma told me about Together is better I decided to join. I believe in people, in equality, in opportunities and also that there is nothing that can´t be accomplished if you believe in it with all your strength and take all the efforts to make it happen.

This project is based on unity, enthusiasm and hope, some of the pillars that I consider fundamental both for myself and for those around me. I am convinced that together we will achieve more because together is always better!

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